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Architecture for Human Systems

It is curious to me how we have architects for buildings and technology systems, for a lot of things, yet, not so much for the design of organizations? The structure of an organization, for an organizational psychologist like myself, is about the structure of relationships around a vision and purpose, and how to bring that to fruition with a strategy. 

This blog space is for conversations about those human systems we call organizations. It is a place for talking about design and learning, culture and change,  process and structure, space and systems thinking, patterns and relations, behavior and communications. If you have an interest in organizations as living, changing systems, my hope is to engage you in a discussion whereby we all can learn and have some fun in the process.  Zen teaches us that everything changes, everything is connected, and everything is impermanent. So it makes sense, then, that all these topics are related. This is a living space for playful interaction. Thank…

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